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Son Yang Won Memorial Museum.

Child Yang Won Memorial Museum

This engineering venture was charged as a landmark to the national loyalist Son Yang Won who was made a holy person of the congregation The task has been built as a ‘Representative space commemoration’, in which the three directing mindsets of Son Yang Won, ‘Opposition’, ‘Penance’, and ‘Compromise’ are organized for see all through the three presentation spaces.

The uncovered solid chamber is a cut off structure separated from the outside space, and neatly uncovers the imagery of the commemoration. It is at the same time opened up to the sky above and the water space underneath.

The ‘Lifted Volume’ was acknowledged by supporting one corner of the chamber with a solid auxiliary mass of various surface, arranged among segments that were scattered and organized on the site are as though they had been dispersed, amplifying its sensational impact.

The restricted street, which permits guests to in a roundabout way experience the unspeakable physical and mental agony of Son more likely than not suffered during his lifetime, is a space planned to ponder his strides, whereupon Son probably progressed forward.

The presentation technique for this dedication doesn’t one to follow in the strides of ordinary galleries of basic antiquity display. From the point of view that the space is made an interpretation of into images to be shown, this remembrance is in excess of a normal presentation lobby of relics. Furthermore, it additionally can be named as a ‘Historical center of Spaces for Remembrance’ that the otherworldly legacy of Son Yang Won through design.

in korea’s south gyeongsang area, finished a landmark devoted to the life and work of child yang won, the solid historical center has been imagined as an ’emblematic space commemoration’, with the structure’s plan and its show spaces educated by the minister’s three core values of obstruction, penance, and compromise.

The commemoration is contained inside a dark round and hollow ring that remaining parts shut off from the outside world. in any case, inside, the structure opens up to the skies above, just as to a waterway situated at the focal point of the plan. the raised ring is upheld by a covered solid divider notwithstanding a progression of pilotis, which have been drastically masterminded in a dispersed development.

guests to the dedication must explore a restricted flow course that looks to pass on the ‘physical and mental agony’ of child yang won, who pardoned, the gallery’s arrangement keeps away from the design and presentation position run of the mill of the typology in the 21st century. rather, its engineers allude to it as an arrangement of spaces for recognition, which ‘grasps the otherworldly legacy of child yang won through architectur.

the structure surrounds a waterway

the round and hollow ring stays shut off from the outside world

guests to the commemoration must explore a tight flow course

the historical center’s setup keeps away from normal design and show positions

the exhibition hall unfurls as an arrangement of spaces for recognition

one of the exhibitions has been painted a splendid red

different territories of the exhibition hall are all the more faintly lit up

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